Personalized window signage to drive customer convenience and experience.

Over the last year and a half, businesses have had to redefine the way they offer their goods and services. In an effort to ensure the health and safety of clients and to adhere to local restrictions many businesses are now offering the security and convenience of curbside pick up. Although curbside pick up may have been prompted by the COVID-19 Pandemic experts agree that curbside pick up, lockers and drive-through-windows are here to stay.

At Capture TV we have seen business trying to communicate with their clients through signs on sticks and taped-on paper signage. This type of communication sends the wrong message about your business and your brand.


Digital transformation solutions for curbside pick up

Window digital displays can help your customers locate your curbside pick up zones’ and they can also be used to inform customers and direct them through your process. While customers wait in front of your windows share current promotions or simply thank them for their patronage and wish them good health.