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CAPTURE TV offers an innovative digital signage solution that helps businesses get their message out to their customers in a unique and effective way by simply turning any tv into a powerful customer communication tool. Our in-house digital signage and personalized business television software takes your message and broadcasts it directly to your customers in high traffic areas of your place of business. We create your own personalized business TV channel with no commercials and no need to worry about your message being lost in the crowd. We provide the latest technology, cutting-edge design, and the most comprehensive customer service in the industry. Just say "YES" and we do the rest!

  • We offer digital signage for any size business

  • Our program is designed to be affordable and sustainble

Family Friendly Programming
  • Custom programming to suit your customers

  • Uninterrupted messaging

  • No offensive material

Make a Profit
  • use digital signage as an optional profit center, by offering businesses the opportunity to advertise on your digital screens 

In-House Creative Services
  • Full creative team to support your brand identity

  • Custom top quality ads created for you at no additional cost.

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Your Message To
Every Customer Every Time
  • No competitors ads

  • Highlight special offers and promotions

  • Share your vision and values

Reduce Perceived
Wait Times
  • People are more patient if you make them feel good

  • We infuse Feel Good content throughout our programming

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