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Local Advertising

Be Seen!

We help businesses increase sales and attract new customers by reaching consumers that live and work within your community.

Your commercial plays 150 times per day, every 4 minutes all day long. 
That is over 4,500 times per month at a single venue. 

Our HealthCareTV Network creates over 3,375,000+ impressions to over 450,000+ captivated viewers each month as they sit in trusted medical offices waiting for their appointments.

Our RegistryTV Network generates over 2,250,000+ impressions to 300,000+ clients per month, where an average viewers wait time is 30 minutes, and your AD is seen 7.5 times by each visitor.

Our FitnessTV Network generates over 7,500,000+ impressions to 500,000+ clients per month. Three out of four of our fitness facilities are open 24hrs a day.

Local Advertising: Work
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