What Makes Us Different?

We dedicate 75% of our network space to Feel Good TV Content.


What this means to you...


Our alluring content includes feel good humorous videos, uplifting messages and educational information which draws attention to our digital billboards, engaging and priming viewers making them more receptive to your AD messages.

The 3 Keys of CaptureTV

Digital Billboards display information such as frequently asked questions, products & services, showcase promotions and
well wishes.

This alluring content includes feel good and humorous videos. Content designed to educate and inspire while bringing
humour and joy into ones day. 


We engage viewers through Feel Good content triggering emotional responses such as laughter, motivation, joy
and inspiration. 

We believe in giving back to those who give to others. CaptureTV is proud to invest in our community by giving an additional 15% of our network to local charities

Proudly serving Alberta Businesses 


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